This inter-disciplinary panel discuss how AI-powered information access tools are increasingly assisting fact-checkers in Asia-Pacific and the Global South to pre- and debunk misinformation. Mis- and disinformation spreads at a dramatically fast pace, making it extremely challenging for fact-checkers to process the large number of claims. Algorithmic assistance may be beneficial to assist in the misinformation management process without taking away agency from experts. This panel discuss ongoing and emerging challenges in embedding hybrid intelligence (both human and artificial) in the process of managing, debunking and prebunking misinformation. In the context of the “Quantifying and Measuring Bias and Engagement” project, ADM+S investigators have been collaborating with fact-checking experts in RMIT FactLab to co-design presentation strategies to effectively minimise cognitive bias. The panel will also discuss how automated decision-making systems can play a role in developing effective ways to educate people about misinformation, and we will learn more about which strategies fact-checking organisations in the Global South are using to manage misinformation on social media platforms.


  • Dr Damiano Spina, Senior Lecturer & DECRA Fellow, School of Computing Technologies, RMIT University. Associate Investigator, ADM+S
  • Dr Danula Hettiachchi, Research Fellow, ADM+S, RMIT University
  • Dr Anne Kruger, Associate Director, RMIT FactLab & Director RMIT FactLab CrossCheck
  • Devi Mallal, Founding Member and Media & Research Lead, RMIT ABC Fact Check. Associate Director, RMIT FactLab
  • Dr Michelle Riedlinger, Chief Investigator, Digital Media Research Centre, QUT. Affiliate, ADM+S